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Worship Ministry


Our vision is:

To build a culture that praises the Lord through worship, drama, choir, performance and more. 


How do we meet needs?

Our ministry is worship. Worship is a part of our discipline as a believer. Our ministry teaches people the importance of worship and leads them into worship with the Father, both privately and corporately.


Who can get involved and how?

We are a very diverse worship group and we cover all genres of music. If you are a skilled singer/musician with a heart of worship and service you're more than welcome to join. 


Our ministry is also responsible for producing both the Christmas and Easter production every year. We want to share the story of Jesus and His ministry with the world. These special times are among the congregations' favorites because everyone has a job to do. We build our own sets, write our own scripts, write our own songs. Even if you're not an actor or musician, you can still be part of these amazing productions!


Where and when do the meetings/activities of our ministry take place?

Worship ministry occurs regularly during Sunday morning services and Sunday evening service at Drake Road Christian Church.


Please contact Jared Howe for more information
or call the Front Office


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