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This is how we seek to bring the vision of our church to life:


  1. Building a Bridge
    • Believers in the church are to build credible relationships with unchurched and unsaved people

  2. Being Prepared
    • To train the believer to be ready to share a verbal witness

  3. The Seeker Services
    • Services designed with unsaved and unchurched people in mind to supplement other efforts

  4. Pray, Seek, and Ask
    • Build a new community for the believers by teaching the basis of Christianity

  5. Small Group Ministries
    • Every person is to be in some type of home group: care, growth, ministry team

  6. A Networking Ministry
    • Help the believer to discover what his or her giftedness is and to bear fruit

  7. Stewardship
    • Teach and train stewardship, the discipline of ending wastefulness (gifts, talents, time, and money) 

  8. To Equip and Send
    • To plant and establish new works and churches, to tithe people back to the Kingdom




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