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Iasis has been actively looking to find a permanent home ever since our departure from Jefferson Street.  Several properties have been investigated and we are getting close to making a decision on the location.  We have investors who have agreed to donate $1.5 Million dollars contingent upon the congregation raising $250,000.

We're Going Home.

Here's how:


The Plan 
The 3:3 Principle

We’re not just building a home, we’re solidifying our family.  To accomplish this we need everyone to get involved.  We are asking that each person participate behind the scenes during at least 3 events as well as consume the products of at least 3 fundraisers.  

We are praying that each member participates and hits the target of raising of $1,000 regardless of age, occupation, or circumstance.  While this may seem ‘crazy’ at first, we believe over a 10-month period it can be quite doable.  Keep in mind that:


                        $1000 in 10 months = $100/month for 10 months= $25/week for 40 weeks


We know that with God all things are possible.  This is our time to engage and watch Him build something beyond our wildest dreams. 


The Goal
Team Iasis Leadership

Cary Hitchings – Project Manager

Claudia Garcia – Fundraising

Karen Monahan – Strategy

Susan Evans – Communication

Johnny Square – Pastoral Liaison

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