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Middle School Ministry

Our vision is:

Our vision is to equip students through teaching, activities, and examples so that they learn to take steps towards missional living and exemplify a growing maturity in Christ.


How do we meet needs?

We specifically address the part of the developmental timeline focusing on ages 10-13.


Who can be involved and how?

You want to come join us on Sunday mornings because we have a passion for and a systematic approach to studying, communicating, and applying the truths from God’s Word. Middle School youth need to be challenged to grow in holiness and investing in our ministry will provide the children and leaders with the reward of God’s teachings and continued opportunities to serve Him.


Where and when do the meetings/activities of our ministry take place?

We meet Sunday mornings at 10:45 a.m. in the Hilton Hotel. Any other activities/retreats will be announced as they occur.


Please contact Pastor Beck Easton for more information:
Phone:  719-671-8720


Facebook:  Beck Easton

Twitter:  @BeckLewisEaston

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