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Mercy Ministry Continued


Mercy Ministry Testimony

One of our clients was not eligible for Medicaid or Social Security because she was younger than 55, had no small children at home, and was not sufficiently disabled—and yet she suffered from several medical problems that kept her from working, and for which she struggled to buy the cheapest prescriptions her doctor could find for her. For eight years she had lived with family members, with not even a room of her own, having no regular income, and yet somehow holding onto her faith. We were able to pray with her for healing, help her buy her latest necessary medicines, and provide gas cards for when she borrows a car to finally move into her own apartment. We will follow up by befriending her and encouraging her in her walk with the Lord. (Story used by permission.)


So what?

This woman is gaining a whole new view of God as One who loves her in practical ways—a God who sees her needs and is at work on her behalf. She is discovering that she can trust God, and in the bargain she is learning to be knit together with the Body of Christ. This result is truly the aim of every Christian ministry.


Who can be involved and how?

When we had our own building, the Mercy Ministry provided groceries for anyone in need in Larimer County once every three months. We were listed on 211, United Way's volunteer network. Presently, we cannot supply people with food because the Food Bank (from whom we purchase most of the food we give away) requires we have a physical facility from which to distribute food. This is why we are sponsoring the fundraiser, "A Home For Mercy", to help raise money for a new home for Iasis.


We are selling King Soopers gift cards at $5 each. These cards are loaded with $5 that you can use to shop at King Soopers grocery store and gas station, Loaf and Jug, and others. You can reload your card at anytime at any King Soopers. Everytime you reload your card, Iasis building fund gets 5% of the amount you reload. The best part is, it costs you nothing!


Tell your frends about this easy, FREE way to help feed the hungry in our community. Other stores across the nation that also accept these cards are: Kroger, Fred Meyer, Ralphs, Fry's, Fry's Marketplace, King Soopers, Dillon's, Smith's Food and Drug, City Market, QFC, Food 4 Less, Owen's, Foodsco., Hilander, Pay-Less, Cala-Bell, Baker's, Jayc, Fred Meyer Jewelrs, Littman and Barclay Jewelrs and Loaf and Jug. Cards must purchased from us to benefit our building fund.


Consider: $50 buys about 500 pounds of food, including meat, at the Food Bank, and this amount of food serves 10 families. This is money well spent. 


What can I do to help? 
  • Monetary donations are gratefully accepted for the financial request side of our ministry. This part of our ministry considers requests for financial assistance from anyone in the community, once a year. After the first request, clients are required to fulfill volunteer work at their choice of organizations in return for their assistance. Obviously, we need money to finance these requests.


In addition, help with any or all of the following programs will be gratefully accepted:
  • Operation Christmas Child in October and November - We ask people to fill shoe boxes with suggested items which will be given to children in third world countries. Each box includes the gospel presentation.

  • Christmas outreach program in cooperation with Timberline Church’s Adopt-A-Family program

  • Provision of meals for people who need them temporarily


Where and when do the meetings/activities of our ministry take place?
  • Our Mercy Ministry volunteer team meets once a month for fellowship and planning, at a location to be announced each month. 

  • We have two retreats a year for the volunteer team, one in the spring and one in the fall, at locations to be determined. 

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