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Mercy Ministry

God’s hand of love extended…
To a hurting world
Our vision is:

The Mercy Ministry provides emergency assistance in the form of groceries and finances to those in need in our community, whether or not they attend Iasis.


Why do we need a Mercy Ministry?

God has a lot to say in His Word about taking care of the poor. This is a huge part of who the church is, and if we fail to carry out this assignment, the world sees a distorted view of God. Those of us who have good jobs, comfortable homes, plenty to eat, and dependable cars often have no idea of the terrible struggle many people experience to just survive. The welfare system certainly helps, but people often fall between the cracks. In addition, the welfare system sometimes keeps people trapped in the “taking” mode. They need hope that only God can give, and help as they struggle.


Anyone wishing to be a part of the Mercy Ministry may contact Iasis Christ Fellowship at
970-416-9392 and ask to speak to Veronica Arnold, Mercy Ministry Director.
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