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In 1979 Johnny Square and three other pastors drove around the city of Fort Collins and began to pray for the healing of the city. It was at that time that Johnny believed God spoke to him and told him that someday he would be able to join with other pastors and churches to see Fort Collins won for Jesus.


Eleven years later, Johnny felt a need to test the vision given in 1979. After much prayer and fasting, Johnny began to go to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and preach the Gospel. In about twelve to eighteen months a small fellowship was raised up, Iasis Christ Fellowship of Cheyenne. Feeling the need to test the vision again, Johnny began to preach in Greeley, Colorado. After a year of working with elders of a small group there, Iasis Christ Fellowship of Greeley was developed.


During the course of establishing these two works, a small group of friends and family decided that the Lord was prompting a work right here in Fort Collins. We began to pray and talk in 1989. We began to meet in 1990 and officially became Iasis Christ Fellowship of Fort Collins.


Johnny is currently meeting and praying once a month with about forty pastors in Fort Collins. This group is called the Fort Collins Church Network.  The purpose of this gathering is to see the 1979 vision come to maturity. Johnny is the Executive DIrector of the FCCN and is accountable to and covered by five pastors in the city.

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