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High School Ministry


Our vision is:

To give Fort Collins' youth the tools to create a culture that is inspired by God's character.


How do we meet needs?

Our ministry invests in high school students. We provide an outlet for young adults to be refreshed and renewed by giving them a safe space to open up about their daily struggles and triumphs. We give young adults an opportunity to function and act outside of many of the temptations that students face, by learning and growing according to the principles of God's character.


Who can be involved and how?

Often it is easy to believe we are alone in our struggles, by giving young adults a chance to share with eachother, they can see very quickly that they are not. Young adults will have the chance to be led and discipled by leaders who will direct them to the word of God. Young adults will be empowered to overcome challenges and temptations by finding strength in a like-minded community and by investing in and supporting one another.
Come check us out on Sunday morning or contact Iasis to get involved in a HS small group.


Where and when do the meetings/activities of our ministry take place?

Sundays @10:45 am at the Hilton Fort Collins


Please contact Beck Easton with any questions:

Phone: 719-671-8720

Facebook:  Beck Easton

Twitter: @BeckLewisEaston

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