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My church meets at the little, brick church building on the corner of Whedbee and Pitkin. We
rent the place, we’d like to buy it, and it’s currently for sale. Three years ago, it was also for sale
and we wanted to purchase it. Here’s how the story goes.
Three years ago, our church, Iasis Christ Fellowship, started to raise money in order to buy that
little red church we had been renting. The owners of the building at the time was the Seventh-
day Adventist church. Thirty pews, red carpet perhaps from the 70’s, colorful glass windows and
all. The building was priced at 1.4 million dollars, including the house that was a part of the
The church members and staff rallied together in order to give and raise enough money for the
purchase. Many donors helped out as well. The earnest money for the purchase was 100,000,
which would be kept by the current owner if the rest of the sum wasn’t able to be raised.
Unfortunately, Iasis was not able to raise the money in time and another offer was made and the
building sold. Though there was a desire to return the earnest money back to Iasis. Our leader
Johnny Square believed it wasn’t right to take the 100,000 back, as it was agreed upon as
earnest money in the sale of the building. We remained renters.
Servant’s Heart, the new owners, took occupancy last summer. And they became our new
landlords. Their vision for the building was to be a home for homeless veterans, including a
hospice room(s). Due to the city’s restrictions and high cost of trying to remodel a building that
basically must remain a church, Servant’s Heart has decided to sell the building and look for
another property.
God has blessed our relationship with Servant’s Heart; they have been and are absolutely
wonderful. We love them and they love us. Now, my church has another shot at this same red
building three years later.
Our good relationship with Servant’s Heart has caused them to want us to be the next owners of
the building. They have offered a price, that we believe, actually restores our $100,000. God
may just have made a way after all.
Here’s the invitation for you to join us with what’s happening, in what God is doing. Maybe you’d
like to give a small amount, maybe you’d like to give a whole bucket load, or maybe you’d like to
hear more information. Ask questions, get involved, give from the heart and be blessed; it’s my
invitation to you.

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