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Old Name, New Heart

30 years ago, Pastor Johnny Square caught a vision from the Lord, a picture of the Church, the bride of Christ. From that day on, Pastor Johnny set a plan in place to make that vision a reality.

As of January 1, 2016, Johnny Square will no longer be the Senior Pastor at Iasis Christ Fellowship. 

"I have to move on to what God has next for me," Johnny said in a church membership meeting in March of 2015. 


God is moving Johnny, but not towards retirement. In fact, it would seem he is just getting started.


Johnny's new task is more of an extension of the same vision God gave him years ago; for Iasis to be in many cities. Both Johnny and Pastor Rick Richter will be setting out to plant and raise leaders in ten churches along Interstate 25. From Laramie to Trinidad, a network of Iasis churches will be established under one banner. Alex Square, son of Johnny and the lead Worship Pastor, has been selected as the next anointed leader of the Iasis Christ Fellowship in Fort Collins. 


How do you select a replacement for a church you were charged to birth, to plant, to look after for over 25 years? According to Johnny, you don't, "This is a decision God had to make." It would be easy to think Alex was selected because of his relation to the "boss" however, the decision had much more to do with anointing than ancestry. 

The announcment was first made to the church leadership in January of 2014 at their semi-annual leadership retreat. It was made clear that two years from that retreat there would be a new face of Iasis Christ Fellowship. But who?  A group of about 8 men at the retreat were brought to the front and defined as possible leaders of Iasis Churches both in Fort Collins and beyond. Among those standing was Alex Square. Everyone was asked to pray to God to make it clear who HE wanted to take the pulpit. Only two requirements were made:

1. The replacment would come from within Iasis.

2. There would be no favoritism based on experience, talent, or last name. 


One year later God had said very little about the replacement. Then on a Sunday morning in January of 2015, the Lord spoke, the council agreed and the decision was made. Alex Square was to be the pastor at Iasis and Beck Easton would come alongside him. Both Alex and Beck were in agreement with the decision and were ready to get to work. 




As an Apostolic Five-Fold Church, Iasis believes the ministry of the church is to land on the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.


We are opposed to the classic model of one man (typically the pastor) in total control; Iasis believes the ministry of the church is to land on the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher [Eph 4:11-16].


To achieve this, Pastor Johnny and Pastor Rick have moved to the Iasis Christ Fellowship Apostolic Network (ICFAN). Pastor Johnny will fill the seat of the Apostle, Rick will hold the place of the Pastor and we are currently looking for God to raise up the Evangelist, Prophet, and Teacher. These men will support, train, and oversee the pastors of each Iasis Christ Fellowship to be planted.








For more information on the transition, please email



Meet Pastor Alex & Beck

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