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Children’s Ministry

Our vision is:

Our vision is to provide a team of faithful, dedicated and motivated teachers that help the children of Iasis and Fort Collins begin to build a relationship with Christ, understand God’s love for them, and experience Christ in full through witnessing, fellowship, worship, play, and prayer. We want to build in them a strong foundation of God’s love that will grow and live outside the walls of the church.


How do we meet needs?

Our ministry provides a place of worship, prayer, and fellowship for the children of Fort Collins. Our ministry is full of fun, loving, joyful, and devoted teachers who want to see the children transform in their walk with Christ. We hope to provide knowledge and wisdom for the kids while continually trying to reveal and share Christ’s love for them. We hope to reach the children of Fort Collins with the help of our teachers and the children within our ministry.


Who can be involved and how?

Our ministry allows for parents of the church to have an enriching experience while knowing their children are also having one. It allows children, ages birth through 6th grade, to build relationships with other believers outside of school; and gives them the opportunity to understand God’s love for them and how to put that love into action outside of the church and into the community. Families and others can become involved by volunteering to be a check-in helper, room set up, special events planner, or assistant teacher. You can contact Morgan with further questions/inquiries.


Where and when do the meetings/activities of our ministry take place?

The nursery has care provided during both services 9:00 and 10:45.  Our Pre-School through 5th grade service also meets during both services.  At 9:00 we have First Come, First Serve.  This service allows for more individualized bible study and community research and outreach opportunities.  At 10:45 we have an entire lesson plan geared towards big group activities.  We also hold special events throughout the year.  Parents are invited to visit and observe any time.


Children’s Wish List:
  • Toy Boxes

  • New toys for the nursery

  • Disinfectant for toys

  • Snacks - no peanuts please

  • School supplies/Craft supplies

Have Questions?

Please contact Taylor Huffman for more information 
or contact the Front Office

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