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Our vision is:

Our vision is CAMPUSWISE. This stands for: We are about Caring, Affirming, Maturing, Preparing University Students to Witness In their Social Environment.


How do we meet needs?

We are about building and establishing a culture that is in line with the ultimate vision of Iasis, but which is owned by the college students who attend. Campuswise is a place where it is comfortable to share whatever is on your heart free of judgment and expectations. College life can be challenging, and nowhere in the Word does it say we have to live this life alone. We are here to help each other grow in Christ inside and out, to be real, and leave the masks at the door!


Who can be involved and how?

This is a place you can go to let go of whatever happens during the week and connect with other college students who are dealing with the same things. You can get your heart, and what’s in your heart, out on the table, as well as sit back and listen to other people speak without saying a word! We do not expect you to be anything other than yourself. Everyone is welcome!


Where and when do the meetings/activities of our ministry take place?

Tuesday nights 7:00- 8:30 - Contact Pastor Beck for location 


Please contact Pastor Beck Easton with any questions: 

Phone: 719-671-8720,


Facebook:  Campuswise

Twitter:  @Campuswise1

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